Get the number of currently included blobs.


long MblobGetNumber(BlobResId, CountVarPtr)

MIL_ID BlobResId; Blob analysis result buffer identifier
long *CountVarPtr; Storage location for the count


This function reads the number of currently included blobs from the specified blob analysis result buffer. All blobs are included unless their status is changed, using MblobSelect. Included blobs will be included in future operations and result retrievals.

This function must be used to determine the number of blob results that will be returned by MblobGetResult.

A call to MblobCalculate must have been made prior to using this function.

The BlobResId parameter specifies the identifier of the blob analysis result buffer.

The CountVarPtr parameter specifies the address of the variable in which the count is to be written. Since MblobGetNumber also returns the number of selected blobs, you can set this parameter to M_NULL.

Returned value

The returned value is the number of selected blobs in the specified result buffer.

See also

MblobCalculate, MblobGetResult, MblobSelect