Read feature values of the included blobs.


void MblobGetResult(BlobResId, Feature, TargetArrayPtr)

MIL_ID BlobResId; Blob analysis buffer identifier
long Feature; Type of feature for which to get results
void *TargetArrayPtr; Array in which to return results


This function obtains the results for a specified feature from the blob analysis result buffer.

The BlobResId parameter specifies the identifier of the blob analysis result buffer from which to get results.

The Feature parameter specifies the feature for which results will be retrieved. See MblobSelectFeature, MblobSelectFeret, and MblobSelectMoment for pre-defined values. The specified feature must have already been calculated with MblobCalculate.

Some features may have been calculated with two results (grayscale and binary). Specifying the feature alone reads the grayscale result. Specifying the feature + M_BINARY reads the binary result. Unless a feature actually has two results, the result (whether grayscale or binary) is read simply by specifying the feature alone.

Results are normally returned in the target array as type “double”. If you want results to be returned as a different type, combine the specified feature with M_TYPE_CHAR, M_TYPE_SHORT, M_TYPE_LONG, or M_TYPE_FLOAT (for example, M_AREA+M_TYPE_LONG).

The TargetArrayPtr parameter specifies the address of the array in which to write results. Each blob creates a separate result entry. Only results for blobs that are currently included are obtained. The size of the target array must be large enough to hold the number of currently included blobs. This number can be obtained, using MblobGetNumber.

The target array must be of the correct data type (“double” by default, or whatever type you specified). Results that represent units of measure are expressed in pixels or degrees. If the pixel aspect ratio is not equal to 1, results that represent a position or length are expressed in units of “pixel height” .

See also

MblobAllocResult, MblobGetNumber, MblobCalculate, MblobSelect, MblobSelectFeature, MblobSelectFeret, MblobSelectMoment