Control buffer features.


void MbufControl(BufId, ControlType, ControlValue)

MIL_ID BufId; Buffer identifier
long ControlType; Type of buffer feature to control
double ControlValue; Value associated with control type


This function allows you to control certain buffer features.

The BufId parameter specifies the identifier of the buffer.

The ControlType and ControlValue parameters specify the buffer feature to control and the value needed for the control. These two parameters should be set to one of the following:

ControlType ControlValue Description
M_ASSOCIATED_LUT LUT buffer identifier Associate a LUT buffer with the specified image buffer.
M_MODIFIED M_DEFAULT Signal MIL that the buffer content was modified without using MIL. This control must be used to ensure that MIL updates its internal information on the buffer. Note, if only a certain region of the buffer was modified, specify an appropriate child buffer as BufId.
M_WINDOW_DC_ALLOC M_DEFAULT Allocate a Windows display context (DC) for drawing. Determine the DC handle (HDC) using MbufInquire
M_WINDOW_DC_FREE M_DEFAULT Free a Windows display DC.
* Note: The display context must be allocated and used only for very short periods of time. Free it as soon as possible.


The ControlType M_ASSOCIATED_LUT is not available with 32-bit or floating-point buffers.

See also

MbufLoad, MbufRestore, MbufImport, MbufExport, MbufSave