Put data from a user-supplied array into a data buffer.


void MbufPut(DestBufId, UserArrayPtr)

MIL_ID DestBufId; Destination buffer identifier
void *UserArrayPtr; Source user array


This function copies data from a user-supplied array to a specified MIL destination buffer.

The DestBufId parameter specifies the identifier of the destination buffer.

The UserArrayPtr parameter specifies the address of the user array from which to copy data into the destination buffer. Ensure that there are enough entries in the user array to fill the destination buffer. MbufPut assumes that the array is of the same data type as the destination buffer.

Note, for multi-band buffers, MbufPut behaves like MbufPutColor(DestBufId, M_PLANAR, M_ALL_BAND, UserArrayPtr). See MbufPutColor for more details.

See also

MbufPut1d, MbufPut2d, MbufPutColor, MbufGet, MbufGet1d, MbufGet2d, MbufGetColor