Grab data from an input device into a buffer.


void MdigGrab(DigId, DestImageBufId)

MIL_ID DigId; Digitizer identifier
MIL_ID DestImageBufId; Destination image buffer identifier


This function uses the specified digitizer to acquire data from an input device (generally a camera) and stores this data in the destination image buffer.

You can use MdigGrabContinuous to grab multiple frames of data.

When acquiring data from a line-scan type of input device, each line of the destination image buffer is filled from top to bottom or a single line is grabbed, depending on the data format specification passed to MdigAlloc. The operation will only end when the entire buffer has been filled.

When grabbing in color, the destination image buffer must have the same number of color bands (in general three) as the digitizer; all bands will be filled simultaneously.

The DigId parameter specifies the identifier of the digitizer.

The DestImageBufId parameter specifies the identifier of the destination image buffer.

See also

MdigGrabContinuous, MdigControl