Wait for the end of the grab in progress.


void MdigGrabWait(DigId, Flag)

MIL_ID DigId; Digitizer identifier
long Flag; Digitizer flag


This function allows you to temporarily override a grab mode of M_ASYNCHRONOUS on the specified digitizer (see MdigControl). Using this function allows your application to wait for the grab in progress to end, before continuing.

The DigId parameter specifies the identifier of the digitizer.

The Flag parameter specifies the digitizer flag to set. This parameter must be set to one of the following:

M_GRAB_END Wait for the end of the current grab.
M_GRAB_NEXT_FRAME Wait for the end of the current frame grab.
M_GRAB_NEXT_FIELD Wait for the end of the current field grab.

The M_GRAB_END flag should not be used when grabbing data with MdigGrabContinuous.

Some of these flags are not supported on all platforms.

See also

MdigControl, MdigGrab