Copy a LUT buffer to a digitizer.


void MdigLut(DigId, LutBufId)

MIL_ID DigId; Digitizer identifier
MIL_ID LutBufId; LUT buffer identifier


This function copies a LUT buffer to the specified digitizer LUT. MIL uses the data format of the digitizer to determine whether a LUT is supported. If it is not, an error is generated.

The DigId parameter specifies the identifier of the digitizer.

The LutBufId parameter specifies the identifier of a previously allocated LUT buffer (with an M_LUT attribute). The LUT buffer pixel depth and number of entries must match those of the digitizer, and the LUT buffer must either have a single color band or match the number of color bands of the digitizer. If the LUT buffer has a single color band, its data is loaded into the LUTs of each of the digitizer’s color bands. You can set this parameter to M_DEFAULT to associate the default pass-through LUT (or transparent LUT) with the digitizer.

See also

MdigAlloc, MbufAlloc1d