Draw a filled elliptic arc.


void MgraArcFill(GraphContId, DestImageBufId, XCenter, YCenter, XRad, YRad, StartAngle, EndAngle)

MIL_ID GraphContId; Graphics context identifier
MIL_ID DestImageBufId; Destination image buffer identifier
long XCenter; X-coordinate of arc center
long YCenter; Y-coordinate of arc center
long XRad; Horizontal radius of elliptic arc
long YRad; Vertical radius of elliptic arc
double StartAngle; Starting angle relative to the positive X-axis
double EndAngle; Ending angle relative to the positive X-axis


This function draws a filled elliptic arc based on an ellipse centered at (XCenter, YCenter) with radii XRad and YRad. The arc is defined by the start angle StartAngle and end angle EndAngle. The arc is drawn and filled with the foreground color specified in the graphics context.

The GraphContId parameter specifies the identifier of the graphics context. This parameter can be set to M_DEFAULT, in which case the default graphics context of the current MIL application will be used.

The DestImageBufId parameter specifies the identifier of the image buffer in which to draw.

The XCenter and YCenter parameters specify the X and Y coordinates of the arc center relative to the top-left corner of the specified target buffer.

The XRad and YRad parameters specify the elliptic arc radii. The radii should be given in pixels.

The StartAngle and EndAngle specify the angles at which to start and end drawing the arc, respectively, moving in a counter-clockwise direction. Express angles in degrees in relation to the positive X-axis.

If part of the arc falls outside of the specified target buffer, that part is clipped off.

See also

MgraArc, MgraFill