Inquire about a blob analysis result buffer.


void MblobInquire(BlobResId, ParamToInquire, UserVarPtr)

MIL_ID BlobResId; Blob analysis result buffer identifier
long InquireType; Parameter about which to inquire
void *UserVarPtr; Storage location for inquiry result


This function performs an inquiry on the specified processing mode associated with the blob analysis result buffer.

The BlobResId parameter specifies the identifier of the blob analysis result buffer.

The InquireType parameter specifies the processing mode about which to inquire. Refer to MblobControl for a list of processing modes about which you can inquire. This parameter can also be set to M_OWNER_SYSTEM to inquire the identifier of the system on which the result buffer is allocated, or to M_MAX_LABEL to inquire about the maximum label value given to any blob in the result buffer. Label values for blobs are generated when a call to MblobCalculate is made. The maximum label value is not necessarily the same as the total number of blobs, because some label values may not be used, depending on the blob’s shape. One of the uses for obtaining the maximum label value is to determine if an 8 or 16-bit image buffer is needed for MblobLabel.

The UserVarPtr parameter specifies the address of the variable in which the inquiry result will be written. By default, the result is written as type “double”. If you want results to be written as type “long” or “double”, combine the specified processing mode with M_TYPE_LONG or M_TYPE_DOUBLE, respectively (for example, M_BLOB_IDENTIFY+M_TYPE_LONG).

You can use MblobControl to change a processing mode associated with a result buffer.

See also

MblobControl, MblobCalculate, MblobLabel