Select the active input channel of a digitizer.


void MdigChannel(DigId, Channel)

MIL_ID DigId; Digitizer identifier
long Channel; Input channel


This function selects the active input channel (if any) for the specified digitizer. If the digitizer does not have the specified channel, an error is generated and the last selected channel remains effective. The default channel is the one specified in the data format selected upon digitizer allocation, using MdigAlloc.

The DigId parameter specifies the identifier of the digitizer.

The Channel parameter specifies the channel on which the digitizer is to input data (signal and sync). This parameter can be set to one of the following values, depending on the number of channels available for the specified digitizer’s data format.

M_DEFAULT Corresponds to the default channel for the specified digitizer data format or M_CH0.
M_CH0 Channel 0
M_CH1 Channel 1
M_CH2 Channel 2
M_CH3 Channel 3
M_RGB RGB input source (if present). The RGB signal is on channels 0, 1, and 2. The sync is on channel 3. This selection can be used only for RGB input.

If your digitizer has only one channel that supports the selected data format, Channel can only be set to M_DEFAULT.

To select a sync channel only, add M_SYNC to the required channel (M_CH…) parameter (for example, M_CH0+M_SYNC).

To select a signal channel only, add M_SIGNAL to the required channel (M_CH…) parameter (for example, M_CH0+M_SIGNAL).

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