Inquire about an image processing result buffer.


long MimInquire(BufId, ParamToInquire, UserVarPtr)

long BufId; Image processing result buffer identifier
long InquireType; Type of information about which to inquire
void *UserVarPtr; Storage location for requested information


This function inquires about a specified MIL image processing result buffer setting. The result buffer must have been allocated with MimAllocResult.

The BufId parameter specifies the identifier of the image processing result buffer.

The InquireType parameter specifies the type of information about which to inquire. This parameter can be set to one of the following values:

InquireType Description
M_RESULT_SIZE Number of entries in the buffer.
M_RESULT_TYPE Attribute or nature of the buffer.
M_OWNER_SYSTEM The identifier of the system on which the buffer is allocated.
M_MODIFICATION_COUNT Number of modifications made to the buffer since it was allocated.
M_HOST_ADDRESS RAM address of the Host buffer (huge).

The UserVarPtr parameter specifies the address of the variable in which the requested information is to be written. The variable must be of type long (for M_OWNER_SYSTEM it must be a MIL_ID pointer). Since the MbufInquire function also returns the requested information, you can set this parameter to M_NULL.

Returned value

The returned value is the requested MIL buffer information, cast to long.