Set the pattern matching positional accuracy.


void MpatSetAccuracy(ModelId, Accuracy)

MIL_ID ModelId; Identifier of model to be affected
long Accuracy; Required positional accuracy


This function sets the specified model’s search parameter for positional accuracy. You can gain in speed performance by selecting a lower positional accuracy.

The ModelId parameter specifies the identifier of the model for which to change the positional accuracy search parameter.

The Accuracy parameter sets the required positional accuracy for the search. Set it to one of the following values:

M_LOW Low accuracy: +/- 0.5 pixels
M_MEDIUM Medium accuracy: +/- 0.25 pixels
M_HIGH High accuracy: +/- 0.125 pixels

The quoted figures are the worst-case errors obtained when using an image with a reasonable amount of noise. You can get better accuracy if the image has a very good signal/noise ratio and there is no rotational misalignment with the model.

Note, the method used to find a model more quickly with LOW accuracy can also produce match scores that are slightly lower than usual. If the precise match score is important to you, use at least medium accuracy.