Set pattern matching search speed.


void MpatSetSpeed(ModelId, SpeedFactor)

MIL_ID ModelId; Identifier of model to be affected
long SpeedFactor; Search speed factor


This function specifies the required search speed when using MpatFindModel or MpatFindMultipleModel. At a higher speed, the search takes all reasonable short cuts; therefore, the search should be performed faster than at lower settings. The higher speed setting has most effect if the models are pre-processed, because MpatPreprocModel analyses the pattern in the model, and determines which short cuts are appropriate. Generally, the high speed setting should be used for better quality images or when using a simple model. Note, the high speed setting reduces positional accuracy very slightly. Try the low speed settings only if your image quality is particularly poor and you have encountered problems at higher speeds.

The ModelId parameter specifies the identifier of the model for which to change the speed parameter .

The SpeedFactor parameter specifies the search speed. Set this parameter to one of the following:

M_HIGH High speed
M_MEDIUM Medium speed
M_LOW Low speed
M_VERY_LOW Very low speed

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