Add Feret angle to the feature list.


void MblobSelectFeret(FeatureListId, Angle)

MIL_ID FeatureListId; Feature list identifier
double Angle; Angle at which to calculate Feret


This function adds M_GENERAL_FERET at the specified angle to the feature list. The Feret diameter is then calculated at this angle, using MblobCalculate. Results for this calculation can be obtained with MblobGetResult or MblobGetResultSingle, specifying M_GENERAL_FERET as the feature.

The FeatureListId parameter specifies the identifier of the feature list buffer.

The Angle parameter specifies the angle, in degrees, to be used for calculating the general Feret. It overrides any previous angle specified for the general Feret in this feature list. Note, the Feret diameters at 0° and 90° are calculated more efficiently with MblobSelectFeature (the features are called M_FERET_X and M_FERET_Y respectively).

See also

MblobSelectFeature, MblobCalculate, MblobGetResult, MblobGetResultSingle