Register a long parameter.


void MfuncParamLong(FunctionId, ParamIndex, ParamValue)

MIL_ID FunctionId;

Function identifier

long ParamIndex;

Parameter index

long ParamValue;

Parameter value


This function allows you to register a long parameter of the current pseudo-MIL function. The MfuncParamLong function should be called after a call to MfuncAlloc and before a call to MfuncStart.

The FunctionId parameter is the identifier of the current pseudo-MIL function.

The ParamIndex parameter is the index of the parameter within the function parameter list. The index of the first parameter is considered to be one.

The ParamValue parameter is the value of the long parameter.

See also

MfuncAlloc, MfuncStart, MfuncFreeAndEnd, MfuncParamChar, MfuncParamDouble, MfuncParamId, MfuncParamPointer, MfuncParamShort, MfuncParamString